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Welcome to 'User Accessibility Tips' for BeVirtual sites. Please use our notes below to make the most of your experience of using the web.

Text Size
Using Text Size Buttons
Many of our BeVirtual sites will have the following buttons on the page


These buttons will change the font size for the site on which they appear. The smallest 'A' button will give the normal text size the medium will make all text slightly larger and the largest will give very large text. The 'i' button will bring you to an information page. When you use these buttons your browser will use a cookie to remember how you chose to view the page. Therefore the text will still be large when you return to the site.

How to Change the Text Size Using Internet Explorer

  • In the top menu go to 'View'
  • then 'Text Size' and choose which size you prefer
  • Medium will show the page as the site designer intended
  • With some sites the designer will have specified a certain text size. You can override this:
    • In the top menu go to 'Tools' then 'Internet Options...'
    • Under 'General Settings'
    • click on 'Accessibility'
    • then click on 'Ignore font sizes specified in web pages'
    • Altering the Screen Setting

You can make everthing larger by altering the setting of your screen. Here's how in Windows XP:

  • Click on the main Windows 'Start' button (bottom left of your screen)
  • Go to 'Settings' and 'Control Panel'
  • Open 'Display' and click on 'Settings'
  • Move the 'Screen Resolution' slide rule towards 'Less' to fit less on the screen and therefore make everything larger
  • NB some screens work best at an optimum resolution and you will usually be warned if the setting you have chosen is not suitable
  • Scrolling Mice

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel between the left and right mouse buttons this is the easiest and quickest of ways to change text size:

  • Hold down the 'Ctrl' key on the bottom left or right of your keyboard
  • Roll the scroll wheel
  • The text size will change - unless you are on a site where the text size has been fixed