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One Step Setup

Setting up a website is really very easy - when you get someone else to do the tricky bits. This is what makes BeeVirtual special - we collect the information we need from you and then give you your fully operational  website. This is what we mean by one step set up.

You can do some of the tricky bits if you like - but here is a list of what we do for most of our clients:  

  • Registration of your web address or addresses (FREE for a BeeVirtual domain name like www.mysite.beevirtual.co.uk)
  • Linking the web address to you new site (even if you bought the address)
  • Creating any e-mails you might need for your new site address
  • Forwarding all e-mail to any your different members of staff
  • Advice on who to use for free e-mail
  • Changing the colours of an Off the Peg Site to match the client's brand
  • Re-sizing your logo to better suit the website
  • Setting up the page structure so visitors find the site easy to use

Call us now for further information

079 5662 0879