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Online Community

BeeVirtual sites are specifically designed to enable online communities to manage their members and collect payment for the services they provide. Our range of modules allow a community to give its members varying degrees of access including the ability to edit and upload content and even to moderate other user's discussions.

Sharing ideas is the power that the Internet gives, however it is important to handle this responsibly. To this end users can be given very precise ability to make changes and private areas of the site can be used to ensure that only valid members of the community can reach certain content.

For a full list of features please look at our Tailor Made package. Read More...

  • Select from one of our existing styles
  • Simple low cost set up
  • We do the tricky work of setting up your site, web addresses, e-mail forwarding
  • Our customers have control of their site contents from the beginning
  • Support any number of users
  • Use PayPal to collect automatic regular subscription payments from users that subscribe to chargeable services you set up
  • Use our Forum Module to get  discussions going between users
  • Allow users to set up their own Blogs (WebLogs)
  • Allow administrators to moderate Blogs and Forums
  • Users can manage their own profile
  • Collect as much or as little information as you like about the users
  • Any number community roles can be set up by the administrator (for example Guest, Full Member, Editor. Administrator)
  • Roles can have their own permissions to edit content, start blogs, moderate forums and much more
  • Publicise events and allow users to subscribe to them using our Events Calendar
  • Bulk E-mail Newsletters users according to the roles they belong to
  • Our Users Online Module lets the community see in real-time who else is logged in
  • Use our RSS News feeds to add content from other sites to the portal

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