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One-off Setup Cost
Monthly Support & Hosting

Prices exclude VAT

Merchant Sites

Our Merchant Sites couldn't be simpler...

A fully comprehensive online shop combined with all the fantastic features of the Tailor Made Package

Shop Features

Enabling you to produce several sections to your shop
e.g. Summer Catalogue, Winter Catalogue and Sale Catalogue

Package up products and sell them as a bundle
e.g.      Product 1: 'Art Print', Product 2: 'Black Frame', Package: 'Art print with Black Frame'

Sell products on their own or package them up into bundles. they can include subscriptions, digital downloads and physical products

Optionally, keep a full inventory of products

FAQ's and Reviews
Have reviews and frequently asked questions

Wish Cart (WishList functionality)
Visitors can flag up items that they may wish to come back and buy at a later stage

Digital Downloads Support
Offer digital downloads

Portal Store Shipping
Comprehensive settings to link shipping prices to the weight and size settings of your products

A sophisticated multi-currency enabled shop which supports:

  • Real time rates with % or fixed price adjustment.
  • Day Rates at a specific time of day
  • Selectable currency choices
  • Manual currency rate entry

Payment Methods

  • Manual Credit Card Processing
  • Manual non-credit card orders
  • COD Orders
  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.Net
  • netCharge

Compliance - Visa / Mastercard
Credit Card numbers are only stored as per compliance rules for the lifespan of the order transaction. After which, the sensitive financial data is removed to prevent possible misuse and compliance hassles.
Portal Store stores temporarily the credit card number and the CCV number, the Credit Card number is changed to the last 5 digits only, and the CCV number is removed after processing completes.

Search Engine Optimization
Extensive opportunity to maximize the search engine optimization

Image / File Management
Images can be resized, watermarked and uploaded one at a time or either in batches

Order Processing Rules and Checkout Rule

  • Optionally set at the store level
  • Maximum First Order Amount
  • Minimum Time between first and second order.
  • Maximum second order amount.
  • Maximum order amount.
  • Email domain Extension validation
  • Bill to / user's country matching
  • Maximum Pending orders
  • Maximum Failed Orders
  • Block specific email addresses, IP addresses, Credit Card #'s, Names
  • Validate email hostname
  • Selectable list of valid hostnames
  • Limit countries to a selectable list for Bill To / Ship To
  • Force mandatory telephone number and/or region
  • Automatic User registration and option subscription to security role on order
  • Settings for automatic mailing list enrollment into Email Manager
  • Order and Payment Emails fully templated.
  • Choose on what Order and Payment statuses you wish to send out emails

Email Manager
Automatic emails (you set which are sent) keep your customers up-to-date with their order process