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Outdated Site?

Is your existing site looking a bit tired? Or maybe the person you had develop the site has left the country and you can't find anyone who can change the site. BeeVirtual sites are fully editable by you and so you will never need to worry about getting rid of old content or putting new things on the site.

Not only will you be able to keep your site up-to-date but we also constantly update the BeeVirtual software giving you access to new features.

We will help you migrate and improve all the existing contents of your site so the transition will be painless. We can also run a temporary address so that you can add the finishing touches to your site while the old site is still live.

For a full list of features please look at our Off the Peg package. Read More...

  • Select from one of our existing styles
  • Simple low cost set up
  • Migration of your existing site, data and images
  • A FREE temporary web address while the site is being set up(domain name) such as www.mysite.beevirtual.co.uk
  • We do the tricky work of setting up your site, web addresses, e-mail forwarding
  • Our customers have control of their site contents from the beginning
  • For clients who would like us to, we will advise about changes to site contents and site structure
  • No software other than a standard browser is required to edit your site
  • Images that you upload can be re-sized without any additional software
  • Photo gallery automatically generates thumbnail images from your full size pictures
  • Amongst BeeVirtual site features are an events calendar, a weblog creator, a document and file library, and a discussion forums manager

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