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What our customers say...

BeVirtual came along at the ideal time for me.
I was ready to expand my business online and was a complete novice. BeVirtual literally had my site up and running within days and with their excellent support had me listing products within hours.


Our Portfolio

Before you consider investing in a BeVirtual site have a look at some of our existing sites. Click on the images below and the they will open up in a new window.
If your are considering our Off the Peg package you can choose a design from any of these sites as a template for your site.

www.sexualhealthoncall.org www.thesoccercamp.co.uk www.stclairwright.com www.aldgateallhallows.org.uk www.equitablecharitabletrust.org.uk www.bucklandscarpets-rugs.co.uk   www.timknowles.co.uk
  www.funandleisure.co.uk www.mnsociety.org.uk     www.cribppclondon.org.uk http://www.premier-homes-abroad.com  
www.elitecarriages.co.uk www.southweststagebarriers.co.uk    www.housestories.co.uk www.commandskill.com   www.didierantiques.com

Wiltshire Crop Circles Study Group

  Off-the-Peg Tailor Made www.commandskill.com
  Merchant Coming Soon  
www.basicskillsbulletin.co.uk     www.carolynpostgate.co.uk     Floor Story  
  www.thewatergallery.co.uk     Stuffed Animals Media      
    www.jackdawjewellery.com     Turner WRNS wbafcgloucester.bevirtual.co.uk  

What our customers say...

I've just been approached by a researcher at the BBC who is involved in planing a TV series about house histories.
They said they were particulalry impressed by the professionalism of the website.
So thanks.